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The Great Radiology Bake Off

The baking competition was a fantastic way for the team to raise money for Above & Beyond as well as being a fun social event

By Laura Casares

To raise money for improving patient care the Radiology team took the opportunity to showcase their baking expertise in a new edition to their own particular Bake Off. This time around the theme was fruit cakes and the six contestants prepared a varied selection of sweet treats.

A delicious raspberry, blueberry and lime cake, a lovely heart shaped apple cake and a tasty sultanas and almond cake were some of the entries that were judged by an expert panel of tasters, the members of the Radiology department.

The team enjoyed the delicious cakes and baked goods on offer in return for making a charitable donation and at the end of the morning the winner was crowned. The eye-catching fresh fruit gateau, made by Sue Hedges, Radiology admin team leader, obtained the highest scoring and was the first one to vanish from the table.

Sue Hedges with her fresh fruit gateau was the winner of this edition, in the photo with organiser Graziano Serra


Four editions and counting

This is the fourth edition of this baking competition that started off last April. Gaziano Serra, CT appointment clerical officer, is the brains behind it. As a big fan of the TV programme, Graziano didn’t miss the opportunity to recreate his favourite show when he had the chance. “I was watching both the British and the Italian editions of the Bake off when I thought that it would be a great idea to do it at work for a bit of fun but also to raise money for a good cause”.

Quiches, chocolate cakes and sponge cakes were the themes in the previous editions that were the warming up for the tough competition that it has become. “They are getting more competitive. At the beginning it was only for fun but now they all want to win! The cakes are better in each edition” says Yvonne Tucker, admin team leader.

The Radiology team had fun tasting and scoring the cakes while socialising with colleagues

But not everything is about eating cakes, there is also the social part of it which is what makes it a great community event. “It´s a chance for other departments to come here (to Radiology). It´s brilliant! We get to sample the cakes and we also get to know other people that we don’t normally see!” says Kim Fackrell, appointments clerk.

The bake off was a great success thanks to the talented bakers and generous staff, and has raised a fantastic £50.19 for the Trust charity, Above & Beyond.

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